2785 E. Lincoln Highway
Lynwood, IL  60411

Email: bbultema@sbcglobal.net



We at Bultema's pride ourselves on our healthy plants, whether they be vegetable plants in our fields, or garden plants in our greenhouses.  We have a great assortment of Combination Baskets, Topiaries, English Gardens, Living Wreaths, Perennials, Proven Winners, and much more! 

We have a specialty business of custom flower orders.  We can use either your container or ours to make arrangements to fit your specific needs.  You can let us know the colors you would like in your arrangements, as well as the sun specifications for the area you will display your container, and we will plant them and tend to them until our pick up date.

You will be given a price for your custom order at the time you place the order, so there will be no surprises when you pick up your order.